Interior Design

Interior Design
There are no set guidelines to designing a room, there is only a creative outlook that people have to imagine before it is together. There are however a few tips and ideas that can help add the look that you want to your room.

One of the first tips that is given by some interior design decoraters is that people must choose their paint colour last. This is argued becuase there are many different paint colours, with various tints, tones and shades. These will differ from house to house because of the varying light sources in the houses. This is why you should choose the colour that suits your rug and artwork in your room.

Never overcrowd a room with furniture, the idea of comfortable living is being able to manouvre your way around easily, sometimes it is better to spend more money on fewer, better quality chairs. This will give a more aesthetic look and not be a room stuffed with chairs.

Hang artwork at the right height, in art galleries pictures are hung between 144cm to 152cm from the ground to the midline of the artwork, this works around the average height of the human eyeline. Even when you are in a building with high rooves it must still work the same, this is because you are wanting to design your room around human scale not the structures scale.

It is also very important to know how to arrange furniture on a rug, there are three methods for this. All on, All off and front on. Front on means on the front two legs of the furniture touch the rug.