Steps to achieve Feng Shui in your home

Steps to achieve Feng Shui in your home
The benefits of ensuring that your home subscribes to the doctrine of Feng Shui are numerous. Feng Shui is the practice and belief that manipulating your living environment can improve your overall life. The benefits, according to practitioners of Feng Shui, include increased harmony in one’s life, increased prosperity, and good health. Follow this simple guide to implement elements of Feng Shui in your home design:

Feng Shui can begin outside the home depending on the environment you are in. Avoid purchasing property in cul-de-sacs or on sloped ground, as these qualities negatively impact good Feng Shui.

The front door of a home is an important area in the doctrine of Feng Shui. The front door, as the first introduction point to your home and the place you will move in and out of each day, needs to be easily accessible, completely unobstructed and well-maintained. According to Feng Shui, this will allow a clear and positive energy to flow into your home. 

The main entry area of your home beyond the front door is equally important in Feng Shui terms, as this area should welcome and nourish positive energy that enters through the front door. Ways to achieve this are to avoid cluttering your entry with obstructions or having a staircase directly opposite your front door.

The bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom are known as the Feng Shui trinity of the home and must be Feng Shui in order for the remainder of the home to be Feng Shui. Ways to achieve harmony in these rooms are to clear away clutter, closets, garbage, or old and damaged items. 

Basic hygiene and cleaning are important for achieving Feng Shui because uncleanliness causes blocked or stagnant energy in your home. According to Feng Shui doctrine, this stagnant energy can influence areas of a homeowner’s life if not taken care of.