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Feng Shui

Feng Shui

Despite the scoffs and laughs of skeptics, Feng Shui has become well known in making a definite difference to the way your home flows and the energy that surrounds you. It is relatively easy to make small changes in your home to bring about good energy, but if you are after a drastic change in your home then a Feng Shui Consultant should be made a priority!

Firstly, one must understand exactly what Feng Shui is and why people choose to design their homes according to this Chinese tradition. Feng Shui is considered to be the accumulation of specific laws that control how the space in your home is arranged and how it affects the flow of energy, or qi, that flows through your home. It is the arrangement of furniture and buildings to specifically correlate with positive and negative energy in your home. Feng Shui is a very specific practice that can reap enormous benefits.

Before you look into hiring a Feng Shui consultant, it would be beneficial to look into how certain changes in your home will benefit your homes energy! So, below are a few tips on how basic Feng Shui works in different parts of your home.

The Kitchen:

The Kitchen is the main source of nourishment and health in your home, which is why it is important for it to be surrounded by good energy.  In terms of colour, warm accents should be used. Using a warm colour like yellow promotes warmth and social engagement whilst preparing meals. Growing herbs on your windowsill will promote health and growth within the room, benefiting those who eat in the room. Natural light should be incorporated to create an energy that focuses on nourishing the food that is served.  Any extra gadgets on the kitchen counter should be reconsidered – too many appliances create a sense of chaos and overindulgence which interrupt the peaceful energy that is trying to flow through your kitchen.

The Bedroom:

The Bedroom should be considered a place to be filled with energies of relaxation and sensuality.  According to the art of Feng Shui, your bed not fall in direct placement with a door way, and should be balanced by two bed side tables. For energy to flow smoothly in your bedroom, clear the underneath of your bed from an unnecessary clutter and mess. The colours in your room should be cool and calming, such as a pale green or brown. Energy in your room will be compromised by any electronics. Remove items such as televisions and computers to allow positive energy to flow.

The Dining Room:

A Dining Room is considered a place where relationships and connections can flourish over meals and drink. This is why it is important for this room to have a high level of positive energy. Start by incorporating multiple textures in the room. This includes textured curtains, linens and chairs. These different textures allow the room to have an intimate energy and calm atmosphere. In terms of positive energy, it is best to have a round or oval shaped table in the center of the room to promote balance and comfort. A Dining Room should also be entered by two open doors to ensure the flow of energy is not constrained.

These are only a few basic ideas on how to improve the energy in your home, and a consultant would ensure that this energy is the most positive and beneficial that it can be! I order to find a Feng Shui consultant who is committed and professional, browse our homepage.