Wire Balustrades

Wire Balustrades
Having wire balustrades is a great look for anyone's home, the next step is making sure you keep the look you have wanted through all the seasons. Here are a few tips to making sure your doing the best maintenance for your home.

Using Mild detergent 

Try not make use of harsh detergents when cleaning your balustrade, you can use mild detergent or even a warm liquid wash is good for  your handrail. You need to dust off the rails with a dry cloth first and then wipe after soaking in a well rinsed mixture of water and detergent, well so that there are no spots seen after cleaning. Using heavy detergents usually causes spots on the steel. 

Remove scratches and Stains

Use soft scrubbers like Scotch-Brite and gently scrub the rails to remove stains. Make sure you rub in the same direction the whole time or you will notice crisscross lines all over the balustrade, after using the scrub, grab a dry cloth and give it another wipe. 

Get rid of Rust

If you live in a place where there are more airborne polutants it is probable that you will hvae more rust and corrosion. This is because when the dust settles on the steel, it will be absorbed by the moisture. So when you install your swire balustrades you need to give a protective product like car wax that helps in keeping moisture away and prevent rusting.