Wire Balustrade

Wire Balustrade
Installing a wire balustrade can be one of the best things that you do for you house, it comes with many benefits that will be mentioned in this article. Although it may be a bit pricey to install they are relatively easy to maintain as well.


  • Its time to have your view maximized, wire balustrades on your veranda adds so much more to your view. 
  • Some people say that glass is still a better choice, although it also provides an unobstructed view there is much less maintenance involved in a wire balustrade. 
  • Although horizontal wires are the most common there is also the option for vertical ones, they are an attractive alternative, this will depend on your preference and the design of your house. 
  • Another benefit of getting a wire balustrade is that they are very easy to install which means they are also easy to fix, calling a professional is definitely recommended. 
  • Wire balustrading has come out as a modern style in any home, it also is very safe as it can hold quite a large amount of weight. 


Make sure that you teach any children that come to your house the safety hazards that comes with wire balustrades, including shredded corners that may be very sharp and dangerous. 

Contact a profesional from our area to help fix or install your own wire balustrades.