Carpet Laying

Carpet Laying

Carpet Laying and Carpet Repair


Carpets are without a doubt an investment in not only the comfort and style of your home but also in its re-sell value.  Carpet repairers are able to repair carpets that have been damaged in some way whether it is due to stains, tears or too many years of use. 

They are able to:

·         Repair fraying or loose ends

·         Repair or replace areas that are badly stained or burnt

·         Repair water damage

·         Re-stretch carpet

·         Re-fit carpet

·         Carry out spot dyeing to restore colour

·         Clean oriental rugs

Carpet Laying

In our opinion, it is important that professionals lay your carpet as it needs to fit your room exactly. Error in laying your carpet can result in massive time and expense consumption. They are also able to lay the underlay which is a vital component of the carpet.  This is is not the easiest DIY project to embark on unless you have some previous experience, have someone experienced helping you or anybody who is a DIY expert.

Good advice for when having carpet laid,is viewing a sample of it in the room that it will be laid in, so that you can see exactly what it will look like.  Colours can often seem different in the showroom.

When the carpet is laid, the joins and seams need to be positioned correctly, both so the joins do not show and also so that the carpet is more durable.  It’s very important that joins and seams should not be near windows or placed in high traffic areas.  Inspect the carpet to ensure that it is the correct one for the room.  The carpet layers will stretch the carpet as it is being laid to ensure that it does not stretch or have any wrinkles in it.

Once the carpet has been laid, ensure that the room is well-ventilated so that the “new carpet smell” and any chemical odours can dissipate.  Open all windows and doors and all around the house too. You or the professional should also vacuum the carpet to remove any loose fibres.  When having new carpet installed, consider ordering a little extra and definitely keep the offcuts so that you can easily match the carpet in case repair is required in the future.


Hiring a Carpet Repair Professional or Carpet Layer

When selecting your carpet layer or repairer, ensure that they are qualified and experienced.  They should provide you with a fully itemized quote that lays out the exact cost of the carpet and its installation, or repair if you are having repairs carried out.  Ensure that the quote includes the cost of moving the furniture whilst the carpet is being laid or repaired, and transported. Make sure to state that the quote must be all inclusive.

To save costs, it is possible to remove the old carpet yourself; otherwise the professional is able to do this for you at an additional charge.  The floor will also need to be well-vacuumed before the new carpet is laid.

How Much Does Carpet Laying Cost?

Carpet laying will most usually quote on a per square metre basis and is also based on the cost of carpet chosen (this cost should include underlay). Please be aware that there are a variety of underlay thicknesses with varying costs. In terms of the carpet; wool and sisal are at the premium end of the scale, while polypropylene and acrylic are cheaper options. Also clarify if any quote includes removal and disposal of the old carpet!

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