Joinery & Joinery

Joinery & Joinery
When it comes to putting together a table, or a step tool using mechanical tool is easy, but to add that look of first-class work, with smooth, metal free visible areas, nothing will do the job like a direct joint between parts, bonded with glue.

Here we are going to be talking about a few types of joints. 

Butt Joints

A simple joining of two pieces of wood either corner to cornver or edge to edge, make it strong with glue blocks. When joining wood joints together, you will find that the easiest to join will be this joint

Dado Joints

This is very common in Bookshelves, this is when a Dado (a groove cut in the face of a board, into which the edge of another board is fixed) cut in one piece recieves th end of another 

Dowel Joint

Drill aligning holes in each piece of wood, then glue dowels in place for a tight joint. For this job to be done properly it usually requires a centering tool. 

Through-Dovetail Joint.

This is one of the most satisfying jobs to be done and it is also one that requires more patience and accuracy to cut. The interlocking features give the joint a lot more strength and also adds visual interest. This type of joint may be too hard for a beginner, as it needs precision cutting.