Doing a job in a high place on your property can be very tricky when struggling with a ladder. if the need has called for a new plan scaffolding is your best bet. This, if used properly and safely, can be a very large benefit to your need to get to those high spots safely.


  • No worrying about climbing up and down to fetch more tools as there is the perfect amount of space to lay down your tool at your feet. 
  • There is a handrail all the way around so no need to worry about using your hands to balance yourself if there is a moment of worry.

When you begin setting up your scaffolding it is important to make sure that the base is secured and that it is adjusted to any lean that may be needed for the building, Scafolding is designed to be braced by a building, if the bracing isnt doe correctly then there may be complete dislodging from one end and result in reduced stability.  The guard rails and planks must be installed securely and safely, all screws and bolst should be tightened and checked after each plank is secured. Remember when using the scaffolding that there is a weight limit, this needs to be taken into account including the weght of the tools, make sure you take up the necessary tools only. This is also recommened because scaffolding is also known to be very cramped, this usually leads to injuries and should be avoided. 

No matter how many times you have used scaffolding checking for the safety of you and whoever is helping you is crucial when assembling a scaffolding platform.