Installing a lift into your property is an expense sometimes worth taking. It is important to take into account all size and maintenance details when maintaining a lift in your house. Daily check ups and weekly visits from professionals is vital for everyone who uses its safety.

Space needed

You will need to have about 2.3 sqaure metres of space for the hoist way, there will also need to be space above the top landing and below the bottom landing. 


If you are looking at installing a reputable manufactured elevator and plan on using a licensed local elevator installation team, then you are ensured the best level of safety. This is because there are very strict code requirements that must be met when installing these types of things. When the job is done call a local surveyor to check that all the work is in order and safety requirements are met. 

How long can you expect to wait

Installing an elevator usually takes about a week, this is not including the time it takes to build the hoist way and also the finishing touches on things like flooring. 


Regular check ups on your elevator is needed, this happens as per the manufacturers specification, these are crucial and must be met with proper care. 

Some extra tips on proper lift maintenance is to log your elavators daily operation, this is how often the lift was used. It is also very recomended to make sure that any slighly faulty equipment be changed, this includes any lights within the elevator, this makes sure that it does not lead to any malfuctions and cause safety problems. 

Do not use industrial cleaners in an elevator either, this is the lead cause to internal mechanical failure, make sure who ever is cleaning the elevator does so with the correct chemicals. One of the most important things to remember with an elevator is to stress to all those using it that overloading is forbidden, this can cause serious injuries that can easily be prevented

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