Self-levelling cement screed floor

Self-levelling cement screed floor
More and more homeowners are realising the benefits of having a cement screed floor.

Using Self-levelling Cement Screed 

More and more homeowners are realising the benefits of having a cement screed floor. Not only is this type of flooring inexpensive, it's also extremely easy to maintain and considered a green alternative to other flooring options.

The beauty of a cement screed floor is the ability to be able to stain, paint, polish or etch to suit the style of a home.


1. If you're screeding over a floor where the surface has been removed - tiles ripped up - you need to ensure that the floor is absolutely clean. Use a trowel to rake out loose material from any cracks and holes and finish off with a steel brush to ensure all loose bits are cleaned away. On an existing concrete floor, scrub any oil or grease stains with a degreaser or sugar soap; rinse well and leave to dry.
2. Apply a cement bonding agent to the floor to aid in ensuring a sure bond between the old and new surfaces. Apply according to the manufactures instructions
3. Follow the manufacturer's instructions for mixing the self-levelling compound. If this mix is rapid-set, mix only as much as you can use in a set period of time, taking into consideration that you may need to cover the entire floor in one go to avoid any overlapping or seams.
4. Pour onto the prepared floor sufficient Floor-levelling Compound and trowel to a thin layer. Then immediately spread a further layer to the desired thickness; which should not exceed 4mm.
5. Cover the screed with plastic sheeting for 7 days. This has the effect of curing and protecting the screed. A daily damping with clean water under the plastic will improve the screed strength. 

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