Bathroom cabinets and cupboards

Bathroom cabinets and cupboards
Wall-mounted bathroom cabinets are a wonderful way to save space in your bathroom, reduce clutter, and store personal items out of the way, these can be selected from a variety of choices based on size and shape. Normal bathroom cupboards have the same option and are installed in a very similar fashion.

To do this you will need to have a screwdriver, a power drill, drill bits, hammer, level, nails, stud finder and straight edge. Now that you have the tools it is important to decide where you are going to put the cabinet, if you are making a medicine cabinet then it is usually recommended to put above the sink for easy access. To start you will need to use your stud finder to find the studs in the wall so you can decide on the area you are going to hang you cabinet. By doing this you are ensuring that you cabinet will not fall off the wall as it is now in a much stronger position. 

Now using you straight edge and your level you must mark off the area you intend on putting the cabinet, this must be using the correct measurements, this is usually marked off with pencil. Now that you have chosen the area you must apply a temporary 2.5x7.6 cm wood support rail at the bottom  line you have drawn. once this is done, drill the screws into the stud in the walls so that it is in place. once you have assembled the cabinet you can then place it on the support while you drill the holes for the cabinet to be held by, once this is done in all recommended places on the wall (look at the cabinet manual for where screws should be placed for cabinet) you can then remove the wooden support. 

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