Electric Vs Gas Stove

Electric Vs Gas Stove
One of the big decisions of your new home is whether you are going to use a gas or electric stove and oven. Here are a few pros and cons to having either of these in your house and then the decision is up to you.

Electric vs Gas


  1. There is a smooth surface on electric ovens usually, this makes it far easier to clean and also is much safer for large pots and pans. Thhis smooth flat surface also helps as extra table top space when you are not using it as an oven. 
  2. It is very reliable to ignite, all you have to do is trun a knob on the control. There is no need for a lighter or some type of igniter. 
  3. Electric oven also usually come with extra features, these are fans, grillers and also some come with an extra element that will only be hot enough to keeo food warm. 



  1. If there is no power which is not uncommon at the moment then you cannot cook. When it comes to gas, as long as the canaster is full and you have a lighter then yuo can cook. 
  2. Can take a while to heat up a pot or pan when using electricity, gas is a much faster process
  3. They are sometimes not very durable, if you drop something on them theb there is the possibility of it shatteriing.