Appliance Installation

Appliance Installation

Appliance Installation

Now that you have selected your appliance for your kitchen or laundry you need to start thinking about getting it installed. Many appliances will require connection to plumbing, electrical or gas connections, so there is more to consider than simply just delivery. 

More often than not complicated tasks will need to be undertaken by a qualified tradesperson, particularly if gas or electrical connections are required. Even the installation of a new fridge, that has water and ice dispensers, will require plumbing to a water source. If you don’t use a qualified tradesperson where it is required you could be voiding the warranty of your appliance as well as your insurance cover. If you are thinking of DIY this also could be extremely dangerous especially if you are working with Gas or Electricity.


Appliances Requiring Installation

Some of the appliances that may require professional assistance for installation include:

·         Stove

·         Dishwasher

·         Oven

·         Washing machine

·         Fridge

Besides their core service some appliance installation services will also remove your old appliance, demonstrate the features of your new gadget and even take away all the products packaging.

How Much Does Appliance Installation Cost?

The cost of appliance installation is typically a flat fee charged per appliance. This will however vary depending on the type of installation and scope of work required. Swopping out or upgrading an appliance will typically be covered by this, but anything outside this scope will involve additional costs. For jobs that involve a licensed trade expect a standard charge in the region of R350 for just the call out. Tradespeople will then charge approximately R200 per hour so unfortunately it’s not a cheap process. Always check with your retailer if they have this service and sometimes you can negotiate that if they want your custom then they must install the product or appliance they are selling. This does not always work though.  More straightforward installations such as a washing machine will incur a charge in the region of R350 for a call out and perhaps R200 for installation. If appliance removal is offered as a service expect a charge, unfortunately.

These figures do not include any additional work such as the installation of a power point or plumbing. They should also be used as a guide, with local variations depending on where you live!

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