Post 50 Build it Journey

on 25-10-2016 Carpentry & Cabinets
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Post 50 Build it Journey

Blog Post 50

After a relaxing Sunday in Tulbach which included a really beautiful bike ride into the mountains I was feeling fit and strong for the week ahead this morning. Monday dawned extremely bright and sunny and after a small contemplation of a run or a ride I opted for a tea and pack, which got me on my way nice and early.

After a pretty drive through a small town called Gouda (yes, just like the cheese) I was in Malmsbury for a visit with big and kind man Andre Conradie. Things were looking good on his Malmsbury Build It store listing and I was chuffed that Andre saw the positives of being on

Next up was the drive into the quaint little town of Piketburg where I first met with owner James Fox at his Fox Build It and then with Manager Gerhard Steenkamp. Gerhard was a real gentleman and we spent quite some time on the site going through everything.

It was now nearly lunchtime so after stopping off in the local Spar to buy some much needed victuals I was on my way again through some much changed scenery from this morning to mighty Vredenburg. The area had now become very flat and dry as I approached the coast and my air conditioner (a rather feeble affair – one of the few downsides of the little Getz) battled to keep things cool.

I arrived at Riaan Gerber’s impressive store that was matched only by Riaan himself. What an impressive man and what a great time I had at his store. His Build It truly is extremely impressive and he built everything himself – from the building to the business. We covered many topics including travels to Jerusalem, the ongoing Fee’s issue at the varsity’s, the Church, working on boats overseas and what is best for our children’s future, how Riaan’s business has grown and it’s beginnings and there were other things we discussed too but they escape me.

We also went through Vredenburg Build It’s listing and I was so chuffed for Riaan and his team to see that they have enjoyed 285 unique visits and an unbelievable 175 leads to their store. An awesome result!

It was now mid-afternoon and I decided to make the short 15 km or so trip to Paternoster to spend the night by the sea. I checked into the lovely Paternoster Lodge (also the cheapest accommodation I could find there – the beauty of the place comes at a price – but it is stunning!!) and went for a good bike ride all around the town and even along the beach, which was awesome. I also witnessed the loveliest sunset that you can imagine. It was beaut smiley