Post 49 Build it Journey

on 24-10-2016
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Post 49 Build it Journey

Blog Post 49

After a most relaxing (and unexpected) day off I resumed my travels on Saturday visiting the Grabouw Build It where I met with the very quietly spoken and easy going Frans Du Toit. Frans was great and we had a nice meeting and all was good with the world. It was drizzling slightly and I was enjoying the cool after two extremely hot days.

It was after this visit that things started to go a bit wrong. First I was sent back down the freeway to look at a guesthouse opposite to the way I was going for my Monday meeting’s only to find that it was not only about 15 kms further than I had been told but was far too expensive for me to stay in. I then headed towards Malmsbury where my first meeting of next week will take place.

I could not find anything in Malmsbury to I tried Riebeck Kasteel which is about 20 kms from Malmsbury only to find that there were three weddings happening there that night and only one guest house had a room that was also ridiculously priced.

I then decided to cut my losses and drive to Tulbach for the two nights of the weekend where both nights would cost less than half of what the guest lodges wanted for just one night. So all in all it was a very trying day trying to find lodgings and I also did nearly 350 kms which is very tiring.

Anyway I arrived in Tulbach just in time for the rugby – having left Greyton early in the morning – yes, that’s how long it takes to do the meetings and all the driving – and watched a fantastic Currie Cup Final. I had some lovely fish for dinner and was in bed early.

Next week should bring an end to my Western Cape Travels and I hope to get through I think 14 stores before heading North to Springbok and the barren wilds of Northern South Africa smiley