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When you already have an electrical geyser ,we can convert it to a solar geyser. Modern TECHNOLOGY allow us to add a evacuated tubes, a dc Pump and a SMART Controller to your existing geyser. This way you keep your geyser as is which brings the cost of the installation down considerably. Your normal electrical element remains in your geyser, but is now controlled by the SMART Controller. It will only switch on your element if hot water is needed but the sun have not heated the water enough(for eg. when it has rained the whole day or cloudy days etc. This SMART controller allows us to display the Temperature inside the geyser and inside the panel and set certain time zones for certain days. It also notifies you when the element is faulty or when the pump has failed. Its SMART internally but still very user friendly. So in a few easy steps, we can save you R1000's a year by converting your normal geyser to a SOLAR geyser

Sunsynk has produced a perfect storage solution. The module consists of lithium Ferro phosphate rechargeable batteries with 5.12kWh capacity rated at 51.2V 100Ah with a built-in battery management system. Cell Type – Lithium Ferro Phosphate (LifePO4 or LFP) Nominal Operating Voltage – 51.2V Nominal Capacity – 100Ah / 5.12kWh Depth of Discharge (DoD) – 100% Usable Capacity – 5.12kWh Packing – 1P16S IP Rating – IP40 Minimum Operating Voltage – 44.8V Maximum Operating Voltage – 57.6V Standard Charging Current – 50A Max. Continuous Charging Current – 50A Standard Discharging Current – 50A Max. Continuous Discharging Current – 100A (1C, 25°C ± 2°C) Max. Pulse Discharging Current – 200A (2C, 30S, 25°C ± 2°C SOC≥40%) Standard Charging Method – 0.5C CC to 57.6V, CV at 57.6V till current is 0.05C Min. Operating Temperature (no derating) – Charging: 0°C / Discharging: -20°C Max. Operating Temperature (no derating) – Charging: 50°C / Discharging: 55°C Operating ROH – 20% ~ 80% Storage Temperature – -20 ~ 50°C Self-discharging rate – ≤5% (25°C 50% SoC) SoC @ end of product line – 40% Insulation Resistance – >100MΩ Voltage Difference in each module – ≤20mV Inner Resistance of single Cell – 0.34 ± 0.05mΩ (fresh cell 30 ~ 40% SoC) Altitude Below – 2000m Weight – 48kg Dimensions – 440 x 530 x 132mm (not include connector, MSD and other parts) Expected Life @ 25°C – Greater than 10 years if used as per warranty terms

1x 3kw 24v Hybrid inverter 1x Hoselect Battery LFP Wall Mount 3kWh 6x 330w Mono Solar Panels 1x DC Combiner Box 1x Fuse box Trunking and Accessories Installation C.O.C certificate

1x InHenergy 5kW Hybrid inverter 1x Hoselect Battery LFP Wall Mount 4.8kWh 6x 330w Mono Solar Panels 1x DC Combiner Box 1x Fuse box Trunking and Accessories Installation C.O.C certificate

Since 2016 Nungu Solar has been offering complete renewable solutions, tailored to our individual customer requirements. Our recommendations are based on a thorough understanding of the renewable energy market, tried and tested products and the bottom line financial considerations governing our customer’s investment. With years of experience in designing, engineering and installations, we pride ourselves in installing the most technically appropriate products to ensure they provide efficient and measurable outcomes. Our local on-site staff of Engineers, Technicians and Electricians are able to offer you reliable sustainable solutions to assist you in achieving your renewable goals. For more information about our services and solar system packages kindly visit our website.

Finding the best solar panels for your home and budget can seem overwhelming. With so many products available on the market, how do you go about finding what is right for you. Nungu Solar can make the transition smooth and simple. Making the leap to renewable energy is a huge step. That’s why we use a software to ensure your home’s solar system is set up efficiently and ready to produce. With the solar radiation technology, we take you and your home step by step in optimizing your savings, by customizing your solar panel production according to your energy needs. So, that's a lot of information, but how do you know what is right for your home and wallet? We’ve made it simple. Thanks to our end-to-end technology, and knowledgeable solar technicians and installers all you have to do is call us! We take you step by step through the entire process from design selection system operations, pricing, scheduling, and installation. Get the most from your solar experience and contact us today for a free quote and learn about the best solar panels for your home and budget.

Solar system maintenance and upgrade services are available on all types of inverters ,victron, sunsynk, mecer ,rct, Luxpower and many more.

With qualifications and expertise in power electronics (involving work on technology rated at >60V), the Nungu team have had success in assisting importers, electricians and homeowners in the repair of faulty solar inverters. Common faults we have encountered and remedied include failure of the H bridge (a part of the circuit that converts the DC voltage from the panels to AC to the grid) as well as errors associated with relays. Given the recent boom in the solar industry there has been an influx of these devices from various manufacturers, some of which have since gone out of business. Our specialization in end-of-life and obsolete technologies means we can find cost-effective solutions to getting your solar setup going again when inverters fail, mecer, rct, infinisolar single phase and 3 phase, must, devel, fullcircle, axpert king, kodak, solarwize, rentech, fivestar and many more brands. Error code 09,error code 08,error code 11,error code 51,error code 53,error 57,error code 58,mecer trolley inverter error 01,02,09

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