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As we are nearing winter, we know that things are difficult at the moment, here at CB ELECTRICAL AND RENOVATIONS SERVICES ,we are offering a 35% discount for quotations from R5000 upwards during these second and third quarters of the year,our aim is to try and leave our customers with something in their pockets, and also for us remain afloat. We are mostly targeting the electrical services, as we are all affected by the current loadshedding,we are offering a discount on SOLAR and INVERTER INSTALLATIONS,and all our electrical fields. We know all our customers are trying to beat this loadshedding by turning to solar and inverter backup.As well as for us to remain afloat in the business.All your suggestions and constructive criticisms are welcomed,As we learn and grow from them.you can call/whatsapp or email us.Our doors are open for you.

Supply and installation for D5 Smart side gate motor including Anti theft brackets 2x battery 2x remotes 4m rack 1x anti temper alarm

Flat roof waterproofing Flat roofs are in general more prone to leaks, and need to be maintained more carefully. If you are concerned about existing leaks, look for discolourations in the roofing. Discoloured patches don’t always appear at the exact spot of the leak. It is best to inspect the whole roof, as water may run, and cause a stain away from the leak. If you suspect a leak is already present, a waterproofing membrane can be used to seal the spot before waterproofing the roof on top of structural slab

Zinc Roof Waterproofing and Roof Painting with liquid rubber Roof Preparation 1. Replace damaged roof nails 2.Pop rivet overlaps 3. Apply Red oxide 4.Seal all nails with membrane and liquid rubber 5.Seal all edges with membrane and liquid rubber 6.Spray The whole Roof with liquid rubber 5 year workmanship guarantee 7 year warranty certificate 1 coat primer 3 coats liquid rubber { Flash harry Darachem plastiry}

TILED ROOF WATERPROOFING SYSTEM With our extensive experience in the waterproofing industry, we are able to quickly and effectively waterproof tiled roofs and guarantee a watertight seal. HOW IT WORKS Ridges and valleys can cause the biggest waterproofing problems with a tiled roof. Water penetration on these joins can be rectrified with the use of torch on waterproofing membranes and non-woven polyester waterproofing membranes impregnated with a 100% pure acrylic. For a project of this type, roof tiles in valleys need to be lifted and a torch on waterproofing membrane is installed below the tiles to increase the surface area of the valley and to prevent the ingress of water. We ensure that the valleys have enough girth not to restrict the flow of water through them. FEATURES AND BENEFITS Absolute water-tightness Rot proof Aesthetically pleasing finish Non-invasive waterproofing

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Cctv camera (HIK Vision /Hilook /Eagle View) Cell phone viewing Record and rewind Wiring and connecting