Tips to make your relocation experience easier

Tips to make your relocation experience easier
Moving to a new place of residence is often a stressful event. There are multiple chores that need to be done and preparing to live somewhere new can take longer than expected. To make your moving experience as stress-free and efficient as possible, consider these top tips for packing and moving your belongings with ease:

Relocation the do's and dont's

Firstly, ensure you have all the necessary packing supplies before you attempt to move your belongings. Bubble wrap, cardboard boxes of varying sizes, black markers for labelling boxes, masking tape and disposable rubbish bags are all important items to purchase.

Before packing your wanted items in boxes for transport, try to identify things you no longer need. Toiletries that are almost finished, old or damaged clothes, broken furniture or outdated decor items are all examples of things you should recycle or throw away.

Pack a bag of essentials to sustain you while the moving and unpacking into your new home is still in progress. Should there be an unexpected transport delay or issue with gaining access to your sealed belongings, a bag with toiletries, a phone charger and a fresh change of clothes will prove very useful.

Pack fragile items in your home first to minimise the chance of them breaking during the process of packing, moving and rearranging. Ensure you wrap fragile items in bubble wrap and pack each box of fragile items snugly to ensure that objects do not shift during transportation

Fold your clothes neatly when packing them to ensure you aren’t left with a substantial ironing job when unpacking in your new home. Ensure you pack shoes separately from clothing so that your fabric belongings are not stained by any soil or dirt on your footwear.

Finally, ensure your belongings are safe during transport by securely sealing your boxes with a few strips of masking tape at each corner. Avoid packing boxes to the point of bursting, as masking tape can slowly loosen and potentially come undone if under too much pressure.