Recycling in the Home

Recycling in the Home
I have no doubt that most people reading this article will have a basic understanding of the concept of recycling


I have no doubt that most people reading this article will have a basic understanding of the concept of recycling. With our environment being in the crisis that it is, it should almost be considered mandatory to recycle in the home. HomeImprovement4u wants to ensure that doing your part for the environment is easy and enjoyable.

Recycling in the Home

The easiest way to recycle in the home is just as easy as the habits we have already formed. We are so used to throwing our waste into one big dustbin that gets taken to a dump in our area. However, we don’t often think of the repercussions that this has on our poor earth. Simply throwing away items that could be recycled to dumping grounds means that you are contributing to the never-ending cycle of waste.

Recycling in the home ensures that your waste is taken to places that will reuse your old products in a way that is beneficial and resourceful. Your household waste such as plastic, paper, bottles, cans and jars. All of these items should be sorted through and divided and taken to recycling locations in your area.

Sorting through these items should not be considered a difficult task! Indulge yourself in a DIY project of creating three or more separate bins for each separate item of waste. Create one bin for plastics, one bin for papers and perhaps another bin for glass. Doing this is the easiest way to ensure that you are making a difference to the way communities treat waste and how it impacts our earth.

Recycling Made Fun

The amount of creative and innovative things one can do with recycling is endless. One example that is a great one for kids, who have millions of broken and dirty crayons, is to turn them into bright, vibrant coloring tools once again! Crayons contain harmful chemicals and plastics that have a negative impact on the environment if they are not properly disposed of. Here is how to turn these art tools into pieces of art:

Step 1: Make sure that all the old, dirty wrappers are removed.

Step 2: Break each crayon (I’m sure they’re already smashed into pieces by now) into pieces that are approximately 2 cm.

Step 3: For crayons that are a fun cupcake shape like the picture shown, place the crayons in a cupcake tray that is lined with wax paper.

Step 4: Heat the crayons for fifteen minutes at 350 degrees. Watch as the colours mold and melt into one another, creating entirely new crayons!

Recycling projects can be done with almost any object in your home; this is only one example of many! If you are interested in exploring more projects in home improvement, please visit our homepage.