Electric fencing as a home security solution

Electric fencing as a home security solution
When planning a security strategy for your home, electric fencing is a good place to begin if you want protection that starts from the perimeter of your property.

Electric fences work by emitting pulses of electricity around a perimeter fence with the voltage being set a level that will deter those who come into contact with it, without doing them serious harm. If an intruder tries to break through the fence by going under or over it, they will experience a pulse of electricity that leaves them momentarily incapacitated. Homeowners can choose how powerful they wish the voltage of their fence to be. Beside being a physical deterrent, electric fencing is also a psychological deterrent, as a sign warning of electric shocks is likely to persuade wrong-doers to move on to another property and not risk a painful shock. 

Electric fencing has multiple benefits, one of which is low cost. Electric fences can be customized to suit your needs so that you can choose specific areas of fencing you wish to be electric if you want to cut costs on areas where extra security is less necessary. Electric fencing is also a durable security option that is relatively easy to install. It can keep intruders out and also function to prevent pets escaping after they learn that touching the fence results in discomfort. Finally, low maintenance makes electric fencing one of the easiest security mechanisms to have around the home.

There are a variety of types of electric fencing to consider installing around your home. Electric fencing can come in the form of a twine fence, which is not as strong as solid wire, but is much less conspicuous, which means that homeowners can avoid the harshness of an imposing wire electric fence.

A wire electric fence is the most common type of electric fence in which the wire itself conducts electricity rather than having a filament woven through it, as is the case with twine electric fencing. If you are erecting a lengthy fence that needs to surround the circumference of your whole property, and that needs to be durable and reliable, wire electric fencing is a good option.

Home electric fencing is also available with links to one’s home alarm system, so that when the electric fence comes into contact with an intruder, an immediate trigger sets off the alarm. Battery back-ups are also an option for your electric fence and can last from six to eight hours in the event of a power failure.