Choose an intercom system that works for you

Choose an intercom system that works for you
An intercom system is one of the most simple yet effective security tools that you can invest in. Intercoms give you the ability to immediately ascertain who is trying to enter your property and why. They also make security monitoring easier as you can simply speak to the person at your gate from the safety of your home, rather than having to go outside and physically check your perimeter. Intercoms also give you a chance to react quickly and call security personnel if you feel there is someone threatening attempting to enter your property.

Choose an intercom system that works for you

Here are some of the most common types of intercom systems that you can consider purchasing: 

Hard-wired intercom systems are often installed at the initial staged of building a home. These intercom systems are normally hidden inside the walls of the property and are known for being slightly more expensive than other types of intercoms. The extra cost is worth it due to the increased resistance to wear and tear over time, an external interface and the highly efficient signal that hard wired systems offer. Hardwired systems are known for allowing you to clearly hear people talking on the other end of the intercom. 

Carrier-current intercom systems are less expensive than their hardwired counterparts and are integrated into the general electrical circuit of the home. These types of systems are easier to install than other types and are easy to maintain. However, the audio quality will not be as efficient as that of a hard-wired system.

Wireless intercom units use radio frequencies to send signals between intercoms on your property. Wireless systems are even cheaper than carrier-current intercoms and do not require extensive installation procedures as they can be taken out the box and used immediately. Most wireless systems are battery powered and tend to last for a relatively long period of time. If you buy this type of intercom system, make sure you purchase a model that has a warning alert for when your battery is running low to ensure that you are not suddenly without power for your intercom when you need it. 

Finally, automatic gate-entry intercom systems are an extremely convenient option because they allow homeowners to open their gates once they have answered the intercom at only the press of a button. This means that you can answer the intercom, ascertain who is at your gate and respond accordingly without having to leave your home. 

An additional consideration for an intercom is to pair it with a security camera. Most varieties of intercom are available with a camera to give you a picture or running security video of who is at your gate.