Clever ways to burglar proof your home

Clever ways to burglar proof your home
Motion beams, alarms, burglar bars, and heavy-duty locks are some of the most obvious security tactics homeowners consider when trying to make their home safe and less vulnerable to intrusion or burglary. However, there are other inexpensive and strategic ways to make your home impossible for burglars to enter.

How to Burglar Proof my Home

1. Reinforce your main door’s most vulnerable points. The weakest spot on a door is often the jamb, which is the vertical side frame of a door. To make the jamb less likely to break when a burglar is using a crowbar or is kicking to door to gain entry, reinforce it with a strike plate. A strike plate is a metal plate firmly adhered to the jamb with holes for the bolt of the door to fit into when the door is locked. 

2. Install a small safe in your home to keep your most valuable items secure. Make sure this safe is firmly affixed to the floor or wall to ensure that burglars do not simply walk off with a box of your valuables. Small safes should be situated in out of view areas and should be secured with biometric or digital locks. Safes give you peace of mind because even if your home is unfortunately burgled, your most precious belongings will remain safe.

3. Changing security habits, such as never opening the door or gate unless you know who is on the other side, is also an invaluable way of ensuring your home and family are not threatened by any intruders. A simple peephole in your frontier, or an intercom equipped with video surveillance technology, are both good ways to make sure you know exactly who to expect when your doorbell rings. 

4. Another dangerous habit to avoid is keeping your gate opener or garage door opener in your car at all times. Rather keep these items on a keychain with you when you leave your car. This is to ensure that in the event your car is stolen, you do not have to worry about thieves having key access to your home.

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