Master Key Systems: a convenient security solution

Master Key Systems: a convenient security solution
When it comes to convenient security, not much beats having a master key. Master key systems allow for homeowners, who have authorised access, to lock and unlock different doors around the house with just one key; the master key.

Some of the benefits this system allows include having simple security measures without the hassle of carrying around a large bunch of keys. Homeowners can open and close doors quickly in an emergency and have a better chance of keeping one key within their sights, rather than multiple individual keys scattered throughout the house. Master keys are also easier to use than normal keys stacked together on a key ring because of simplified organisation and ease of access. Master key systems also allow homeowners to determine which family members have access to certain areas of the house. If homeowners have younger children, or frequent guests, they can determine who goes where for reasons of safety, and privacy, with a master key system.

Different levels of access are available in master key systems for homeowners, such as Change keys, Master keys, Grand Master keys or Great Grand Master keys. Change keys are also known as sub-master keys and can only lock and unlock lock systems that are exactly the same.

Master keys can open a variety of locks under a specific master key system with only one key. Grand Master keys can access many Master key systems and Change key systems. Finally, Great Grand Master keys will access all the Grand Master key, Master key and Change key systems beneath it.

One concern that homeowners should keep in mind if they install a master key system, is that greater convenience to a security system can sometimes lead to greater vulnerability. Homeowners should be aware of the location of their master key at all times, lest it fall into the hands of a potential intruder.