The benefits of owning an automated home

The benefits of owning an automated home
Home automation is one of the newest and most advanced options for homeowners looking for increased control and customizability when it comes to their homes. Automated homes allow owners to manipulate aspects of their home from a distance with the use of, for example, a cell phone. Automated homes are advantageous in many areas, with remote monitoring, energy efficiency and convenience ranking at the top of a long list of benefits.

Automating my Home

Automated homes can be remotely controlled. The ability to remotely monitor your home gives you peace of mind and the freedom to leave your house with less of a need to organise extra security or house-sitters. Remote automation allows you to turn on and off your security implements without being at home and can even give you an inside view of your home while you are away with security cameras linked to a portable device, such as a laptop or cellphone.

Automated locks can also be remotely controlled, which means you will never have to second guess yourself about securing your front door when you leave. Automated blinds and mechanised curtains can also be controlled remotely to open and close. This is often used as a strategic security tactic as changing the appearance of your home gives the impression that the family is still around, even if you are away for extended periods.

Home automation is energy efficient. Winter times can be one of the most wasteful seasons when it comes to energy expenditure in the home. For example, homeowners will often need to leave their geysers or thermostats at high temperatures all day to ensure the availability of warmth at night. With automated thermostats, one can adjust the system’s energy expenditure to be higher or lower at certain times of the day and can save a lot of energy. Sprinkler systems can also be automated to only activate at times of the day when water wastage by evaporation is less likely.

By making many small chores around the home that much easier, such as turning on your kettle while your driving home from work, closing your curtains from the comfort of your bed, or double checking your locks for peace of mind, home automation is simply more convenient.