Shades Cleaning

Shades Cleaning
Cleaning blinds is the one thing that many people put off but only takes about 30 minutes a month to get of your conscious. Shades come in many different types and each has its own way of cleaning and these can usually be made out of delicate fabrics, like silk, should be professionally cleaned, everything else you can clean on your own .

Cellular Shades

Also known as honeycombs, these insulating window treatments are energy efficient, they can be very efficient for cleaning aswell, this can usually be done simply using the dusing tool on your vacuum, any other stains that you may possibly find after doing the vacuum you cna lighly blot with a sponge and warm water and a mild detergent, do not rub, it is fabric.  This applies to most other Shades including Roman Shades, Sheer Shades and Panel track Shades. 

Roller Shades

To clean roller shades you must use a well ruth cloth dipped in a solution of mild washing detergne tand luke warm water, then wipe the shade in sections, start at the bottom and continue working up. When you are done leave the shade completely open so that it can dry and when done give another dust. With Roller Shades you can also give dingy vinyl shades a bath, cover them in warm water in a bath and add several squirts of mild dishwashing soap, allow to air dry properly before hanging afterwards.