Top tips for keeping your ceiling clean

Top tips for keeping your ceiling clean
When spring-cleaning a room in your home, make sure you take care of the ceiling first, before you clean the walls, windows or floor in order to prevent dust from falling onto already cleaned surfaces.

Top tips for keeping your ceiling clean

To avoid making a ceiling-cleaning job a difficult one, do not use a ladder to climb up and down on to reach the ceiling. Rather use a long handled duster specially designed to remove dust. Some of the best dusters for ceiling cleaning purposes are those with a micro fibre attachment.

For more difficult stains or dirt, such as those in ceiling corners or around ceiling fans, use a long-handled paint roller covered in duct tape to stick to and remove dirt.

After removing dust and debris, focus on more difficult spots on your ceiling. Stains and grime on your ceiling can be removed with a solution of warm water, liquid soap, and white vinegar. Place this solution in a spray bottle to directly target dirty areas and scrub the area with a damp paint-roller. For textured ceilings, use a damp cloth in a dabbing motion to apply the cleaning solution. To remove the dirty, soapy residue, use a clean cloth dipped in water.

Once you have given your ceiling its initial clean, allow it to dry if you’ve used any water. 

For grease stains on your ceiling, place a cloth on your floor beneath the affected area and use a step-ladder to rub white chalk, cornstarch or baby powder on the stain. The powder will absorb the grease and can be dusted onto the cloth below to remove the residue. 

For smoke damage, use a dry cleaning sponge and swipe in over the stain in repeated straight movements. Repeat this process until the smoky stain is gone.