How to keep your pergola in top shape

How to keep your pergola in top shape
A pergola awning is an outdoor structure with an open or partially covered rooftop that is normally used for shade or to enhance the look and feel of an outdoor entertainment area.

How to keep your pergola in top shape

Pergolas often have retractable canopies or alternating slats over which vines can be grown. They can also be used to adorn walkways and are a very romantic and natural way to enhance your garden or outdoor area. Follow these tips on how to look after your pergola to keep it looking clean and beautiful and to enhance its lifespan:

Spraying your pergola down is one of the easiest ways to give it a quick clean. A high-pressure water hose is the best option if you want a quick and effective wash for the day-to-day maintenance of your pergola. When pressure washing, make sure you use the hose in a downward direction and clear any loose items in the area away, such as chairs or flower pots, to avoid damaging them with the hose.

Clean your pergola with a tough bristle brush and a smaller toothbrush for small areas that are difficult to get to. Metal pergolas can also be cleaned with a bristle brush to remove rust spots.

Removing stains from your pergola is also necessary, especially if your pergola has metal fasteners, which can corrode and leave black or brown marks. Oxygen bleach mixed with water can be used to wash away any stains left behind by corroded fasteners.

Sealing your pergola may be necessary depending on what materials it is constructed from. For example, pergolas made from cedar wood often lose their colour over time and can fade to a grey hue. To preserve their original, reddish colour, coat your pergola in a sealant for hard woods.

If your pergola has a vine canopy, or creepers growing up its struts, make sure you keep these plants in control to ensure they do not overwhelm or become too heavy for the pergola structure. Trim vines or creepers a few times a year in order to limit their burden on the supporting pergola, and to keep the plants fresh and healthy.