Pest prevention during pre-construction

Pest prevention during pre-construction
Everyone knows that prevention is better than cure, and when it comes to pest control at home, this adage certainly remains true.

Pre-Construction Pest Control

Preventing pests in the home is possible right from the pre-construction stage of building and is an extremely beneficial option to take. Although it may initially cost extra to reinforce your home against pest invasion, pest prevention at pre-construction could save you much more expense, protect you against potential health risks, and limit the inconvenience that comes with eradicating an infestation later on. Read this guide to find out more about how pest prevention at pre-construction is implemented:

Some of the simplest ways to prevent the chance of pests, such as termites, infesting your home at a later stage, is to make sure your building site is as uninhabitable to pests as possible. For example, minimising the amount of discarded wood on your building site as much as possible will prevent termites colonising on your property. Remove tree stumps and piles of wooden debris to limit termite food sources on your land. 

Treating the soil on your property with pesticides is also an important preventative step to take. Ensure that the soil on your building site is treated with pesticides to kill any termites that happen to be drawn to the area. The pesticides should be placed in all compacted soil areas and in the trenches where builders are planning to lay foundations for the building. 

The foundations themselves are an important part of termite prevention and should be built with thick, reinforced concrete that is of a high quality to prevent cracking. Minimising cracking in the foundation is important because cracks allow entry points for termite colonies from the soil and into wooden areas of the home, like wooden flooring, beams, staircases or furniture.