Concrete Kerb Builder

Concrete Kerb Builder

Concrete Kerb Builder


Concrete kerbs are always a great way to provide a lovely stylish border in your landscape, helping to define garden beds as well as keeping different elements of the garden separate.  With the wide range of kerbing available today, there is something to suit every garden.

Concrete kerbing is also very low maintenance, with re-sealing only being required every few years.

Concrete Kerbing Styles:

There are several different styles of concrete kerbing available, such as:

·         Slate impression

·         Stamped concrete

·         Smooth concrete

·         Sandstone

There is even kerbing that looks like bricks and mortar.  


Concrete Kerbing Profiles

There are several different profiles of concrete kerbing from which to choose from, including sloping and border profiles. Select the most suitable shape that matches your landscape design and home theme.  Different colours are also available and are also important, but you will need to keep in mind that your choice may be limited by the fact that sometimes different colours need to be mixed to acquire the desired colour.  However, the range of colour choices means that there will be something that suits your home’s colour scheme as well as that of the landscape.  The professional will be able to give you advice in this regard.

Concrete kerbing professionals should be able to provide you with an obligation free quote, and if you decide to install edging, they will be able to completely install it for you (often all within one day but this does depend on the size of your garden and the scope of work required). 

Professionals should also able to offer advice on any matters that may be concerning you such as the appearance of your concrete kerbing!

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