Bagging or rendering: which one is for you?

Bagging or rendering: which one is for you?
One of the best ways to update the exterior appearance of your home is through bagging or rendering. Understanding the differences, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of these two renovation techniques, is an important first step to giving your home a fresh, new exterior.

Rendering differs from bagging in that it is heavier and requires more materials, as well as expertise, to apply. Rendering is achieved by layering pre-mixed materials, such as cement and sand, onto a brick or stone exterior. After application, the layer is usually textured or painted to achieve different appearances. With rendering this typically means a smooth and sophisticated surface finish.

Bagging, in contrast to rendering, is composed of a layer of pre-mix applied roughly with a hessian bag and does not need as many materials or as much expertise as rendering to be successfully implemented. Bagging thus creates a rustic, natural surface finish that suits a country, farm-style home. Bagging render is available in a vast array of colours, which means that it can achieve the same level of versatility as rendering in terms of colour.

An advantage of bagging over rendering is cost. Bagging is usually much more affordable than rendering both in terms of hired labour, as homeowners can often do the bagging themselves, and the cost of materials. In addition to this, rendering is also a lengthier process than bagging and takes a longer time to completely set. However, when it comes to quality, rendering is often seen as being advantageous. This is because rendering allows homeowners to achieve a smooth and professional exterior to their home that evens out any irregularities or bumps in the brickwork or stone underneath.

If homeowners are specifically looking for a rustic and rough aesthetic to the exterior appearance of their home, bagging may be a perfectly adequate option, whereas rendering will satisfy homeowners seeking a level and neat surface finish for their homes.