the best way to choose a colour is to try it out first

Preparing a Wall for Painting

Before preparing a room for wall Interior painting, protect the furniture and flooring against splattering painting or accidents

Scrape any cracked or flaking paint with a scraper, for imperfections on the walls such as plaster bumps, smooth them away with sandpaper

Before painting, protect wall sconces and wall trim with painters tape and lay down drop sheets to protect your floors

With the advise from Sayi Contractors the best way to choose a colour is to try it out first. You can never make a good decision based on looking at the colour swatch in the store. Take it home and tape it to the walls to see how it will work within the space and with your room lightning. The swatches don’t always reveal the actual colour when it dries. You can test a few colours of paint on a spare piece of wood and place it against the wall.

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