Choosing the perfect trees to bring your garden to life

Choosing the perfect trees to bring your garden to life
Trees are the centrepiece of the garden and can give shade, support ecosystems, provide a perfect place for children to play, or serve as a picnic site.

Planting an initially small sapling may seem like more effort than its worth, but in a few years, and given time to grow, a tree will always be an appreciated and beautiful asset to a garden for future generations to enjoy. Before making a decision about the kind of trees you want growing in your garden, make sure you consider these factors:

1. Consider how much available space there is as the tree at its full-grown potential may overpower your garden and other sunlight-dependent plants if space is limited.

2. Take note of the weather conditions of the seasons and the general climate of the area, as well as the wetness or dryness of the climate, before deciding on a species if tree. Trees will only thrive in environments and climates that suit their particular species, so ensure that you know the requirements for a sapling’s optimal growth before purchasing one.

3. The soil conditions are another important consideration. Nutrient-rich soil is a must for delicate saplings. Homeowners should be knowledgeable about the quality of their soil, and whether it needs fertiliser or pesticides, before planting tree saplings. 

4. Additional considerations to make before choosing trees to plant in your garden are what kind of role you wish your trees to fulfill, and what kind of design aesthetic you need them to exude in your garden. Explore options like flower, nut or fruit bearing trees, evergreen or seasonal trees, and the shape of the tree in terms of its leaves and trunk to find a tree that suits your needs.

5. Make sure you are aware of the origins of a tree before you decide to plant it in your garden. Although exotic plants often have more vibrant colours and flowers, and unusual fruits, they are less suited to the surrounding ecosystem and are not as adept at supporting indigenous wildlife as indigenous plants are. In addition to this, indigenous trees are naturally adapted to their environment and are hardier and more likely to survive than exotic trees. 

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