Tree Surgery

Tree Surgery
Tree surgeons or otherwise called a Aborist is a person who takes care and maintains tree's, this is often needed as people happen to have conflict with their garden trees all the time due to natural growth. It is a tree surgeons job to solve this by maintaining the beauty of the tree but solving the problem.

What does being a tree surgeon involve:

  • Felling
  • Pruning of trees
  • Splitting logs
  • Replanting trees
  • Removing trees and stumps

They can also give recommendations for where and what type of tree to plant in a garden, this is sometime needed as certain trees will thrive in their own enviroments, they can also give you an idea of what is best to buy if you have a vision for your garden. When cutting or trimming a tree, a tree surgeon is best to call as they can help decide where the best place for the tree to fall is based on the surroundings and how many branches their are, they can also deal with trees that are dying and need to fall soon, they will decide where is best to cut so not mistakes are made when it falls. 

To get a hold of a Tree surgeon go onto our contact page and find one near you.