Arborism & Tree Surgery

Arborism & Tree Surgery

Arborists and Tree Surgery

Everything in our living space deserves the utmost care and attention, whether this applies to the building of our homes or the nature that surrounds it. More often than not, this kind of attention and maintenance is far beyond our expertise, which is why a specialist is often the safest and most effective choice when it comes to the maintenance and upkeep.

An arborist or, more colloquially, a tree surgeon is a person whose speciality or profession focuses on the maintenance of trees and shrubs. An arborist will focus mainly on the safety and health of singular plants or trees.

When seeking the services of a tree surgeon, one should understand the measures that can be taken to ensure the health or safety of the plant in question. An arborist is qualified to use methods of transplanting, planting structural support amongst other grooming techniques. They are also required to be adept at understanding and treating/preventing infestations and phytopathology. An arborist is also required to identify and remove or deal with plants or trees that are invasive or dangerous to certain habitats.

Hiring an arborist to work in your garden is not only beneficial to the health of your trees, but to the safety of those abiding in close residence to a possible safety hazard. An arborist can prevent any risks that may be consequential of a dead or decaying tree, or perhaps one which is weak and poses a risk of damage to people or property.

Investing in the services of an arborist can also have long term benefits such as increasing the value of your property in terms of aesthetic and safety.

For those of us less inclined to shimmy up a tree in seconds, browse our homepage for the arborists and tree surgeons in your area.

Below is a quick and easy guide to ensure you understand the safety and condition of trees in your garden!

If you see these signs, its time to call your local #arborists and check the tree.  Falling trees could cause injuries and property damage: