Five garden tools every gardener should own

Five garden tools every gardener should own
Some say a gardener is only as good as his/her tools. Here is our list of top five garden tools that no dedicated gardener should be seen without:

Five garden tools every gardener should own


When it comes to making holes in your soil for planting seedlings or seeds, dibbers are a must-have gardening item. They are available in wood or steel and are often ringed to indicate depth, which helps gardeners plant their seeds at the perfect soil-level.


One of the most classic and often-used garden implements is the wheelbarrow. Wheelbarrows are perfect for transporting soil, plants, garden tools or pots and other garden items from place to place without damaging the grass the wheelbarrow is being pushed over.

Garden Trowels

Garden trowels are a vital hand tool used for digging and planting in one’s flower beds and are also useful for unearthing small seedling for relocation without damaging the roots. A quality garden trowel should have a comfortable, easily held handle and a firmly fixed blade that does not loosen with use.

Digging spades

Digging spades are always useful for garden maintenance, planting, and for cleaning away debris, such as piles of leaves after raking. Because your digging spade will often be in contact with damp soil and water, stainless steel spades are a worthwhile investment as they resist rusting over time.

Garden knives

One of the best multipurpose gardening tools available to gardeners is a simple garden knife. Garden knives can be used for cutting flowers and fruits, removing straying branches or twigs, cutting string, and more. Consider purchasing a garden knife that folds away into its blade so that it can be safely carried in one’s pocket when not in use. Garden secateurs are an alternative to garden knives and are also a very effective tool, especially for pruning or trimming jobs in the garden.