Garden pots: display your plants creatively

Garden pots: display your plants creatively
Choose wisely when it comes to the material of your garden pot as certain types of pots have advantages over others. Plastic, light coloured pots have the advantage of being relatively cheap and easily found in recycling centres, which indicates their environmentally friendly properties. Due to their light colour, these garden pots heat up and cool down quickly, which prevents growing plants within from being damaged by extreme temperatures. This type of garden pot is also extremely lightweight and easy to transport and are not easily breakable in the way clay garden pots are.

Disadvantages of light coloured plastic pots include their lack of durability. Sunlight is the main cause of this and causes the pot to wear thin so that they can only be used for a couple of seasons before needing replacement.  Light plastic pots are also not aesthetically pleasing as they lack any defining colour or design shape. 

Black plastic pots are a similar alternative to light coloured plastic plots and have the advantage of retaining heat for plants that grow optimally in warmer temperatures. Homeowners should not place black plastic pots in direct sunlight as they may heat up too much, but they can be useful for providing extra warmth for plants in shady areas. 

Ceramic, terracotta and concrete pots are a more aesthetically pleasing garden pot to consider and are available in a vast array of hues, shapes and designs to suit almost any garden or home design theme. These materials of garden pot are known for having good drainage for most plant types and can often retain heat for extended periods to keep plants warm if temperatures drop drastically. Ceramic, terracotta and concrete do have the disadvantage of being prone to cracking, especially in climates where temperatures increase or decrease rapidly.

Finally, stone garden pots are a more expensive option, but are also long lasting, difficult to break, and retain heat for long periods of time. Genuine stone garden pots are also naturally beautiful and with age, change colour and tone.