If you are like most parents across the country, you probably are familiar with the idea of dragging your children (kicking and screaming) away from their beloved television screens. We are constantly hoping that something will draw them outside and into the fresh air, in the hopes that they start to enjoy their childhood as you did. A trampoline is a renowned contraption that could be just what your family needs.


A trampoline is a contraption that is made out of a length of strong, flexible fabric that is pulled to a relatively taut position, allowing people to jump around and to great heights. Trampolines have been installed in playgrounds and gardens for decades, and never cease to be an endless source of entertainment for children and adults alike.


A trampoline can come in many forms. You have the option to either install a trampoline in the ground, which will possibly require an expert hand, or a trampoline that is raised off of the ground. A raised trampoline is one that can be installed by whoever buys it, and can easily be dismantled, whilst a trampoline built into the ground is a more permanent investment.


Health Benefits of a Trampoline:


Nobody said that trampolines are only a source of fun and entertainment! Expects have done research that show there are many benefits that your family can enjoy when making use of your trampoline.


  1. Jumping on a trampoline is considered to be a cardiovascular workout for your child! Jumping up and down on the springy fabric allows your child’s heart rate to increase, allowing a healthy flood of oxygen to pump through their blood and their hearts strength to be increased.
  2. Hidden exercise! Not all children are inclined to being the next gold medal Olympian, but still want to enjoy the fun they can get from excericising. Jumping on a trampoline will teach your child tat exercise can be fun, uncompetitive, and something they can enjoy in a variety of different forms.
  3. There is research to prove that jumping on a trampoline will make a huge difference in a child’s motor skills. The motion of jumping up and down, as well as keeping balanced and poised, requires both sides of their brain to work and communicate with their body. This strengthened sense of control over their body will benefit them in a variety of physical activities.
  4. Besides physical benefits, a child that regularly uses a trampoline will gain growth on an emotional and intellectual level. Trampoline use has been linked to boosting self esteem, persistence and learning ability. Because the child is focusing on learning new skills whilst having fun, they become more attuned to persevering through challenges and learning curves.


Trampoline Safety:

You do, however, need to consider that a child can be harmed if they are not using the trampoline correctly! Children are most likely to get hurt when double bouncing, attempting somersaults when they have not been trained in sports such as gymnastics and landing on the springs or frame of the trampoline. To ensure the safety of your child is ensured, always make sure that they are supervised and jumping one person at a time to avoid double bouncing. Make sure your trampoline is checked for issues regularly and supply adequate padding and safety cushioning around the area.


A trampoline will definitely add value to your home, and will be an asset to your family and children. To find out more about trampoline contractors and suppliers, head over to our homepage