Garden Irrigation Systems

Garden Irrigation Systems

Garden Irrigation Systems.

Having a water irrigation system in your garden is something that helps keep your garden fresh and growing, as well as helping to keep your water usage and costs down.

Choosing a specific irrigation system for your garden all depends on variables such as budget, simplicity and how effective you need the irrigation system to be. Below are examples of the different irrigation systems you can have in your home in order for you make an informed decision.


A Soaker Hose is a very similar concept to using a normal garden hose and is most effective in smaller areas. The soaker hose is similar to a hose in such a way that it is connected to a direct water source. The water then seeps out in droplets through the holes all along the soaker hose. This type of irrigation is great for spaces that are hard to reach due to its flexible nature.

A soaker hose is an initially inexpensive option, but tends to need to be replaced which is costly. A soaker hose is also not durable when left in the sun.


Another easy and efficient option for your garden is a sprinkler system. This form of irrigation is especially effective in large gardens that need water to be distributed over a wider space. The large amount of water means that you are saving time when watering your garden. However, keep in mind that the copious amount of water tends to bring weeds into your garden. Make sure to maintain the weeds in your garden as you go so that you aren’t left with one huge problem. A sprinkler system may also be problematic in terms of water wastage. The water does not go straight onto the plants, but into the air, therefore causing some of the water to evaporate before it even reaches the roots of the plants.


Drip Irrigation is probably the most effective form of garden irrigation. Unlike the sprinkler system, drip irrigation ensures that water goes straight to the plant and deep into its roots. It does this by always releasing small amounts of water through a plastic pipe. Although drip irrigation is largely effective, it is the most expensive option as well as the most complicated to install.

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