Borehole pumps

Borehole pumps
Borehole pumps are made in a way that a sufficient level of pumped water is required for it to work properly.

Borehole Pumps

-Borehole pumps are made in a way that a sufficient level of pumped water is required for it to work properly.

-This ensures cooling of the electric motor of the pump.

- If the water falls below a certain level, the pump will start to suck in air in addition to water, which can damage or completely break the pump.

- So  now the question is how to protect your pump from dry-running?

-Damage caused by dry-running is most common, while avoiding accurate protection is negligible compared to the price of a new pump. -There are several methods that will ensure that your pump shuts down in time in the event of low water levels. 

-pumps have a specific design, so not all methods of protection against dry running can be used in this case.

-Protection for borehole pumps can be done by using a control unit, switching units or probes for level switches.

-The control unit measure the output saves the data and switches off the pump in the event of a dry run.

- The advantage is the display, which shows an overview of the pump or its emergency stop.

- When the water rises again to the required level, the control unit switches on the pump again.

-A float switch is available as a simple level monitoring solution. 

It is connected directly to the pump and is in a vertical position while the level is sufficient.

- If the level drops, the weight overturns it and the switch automatically switches off .

-Pressure and flow switches can also be recommended.

- They monitor sufficient pressure and flow in the pump. 

These switches start the pump in the event of water consumption, which is caused by reduced pressure.

- The switch then turns off the pump when the consumption stops. 

-In the same way, the switch monitors the required water level and automatically switches off the pump in the case of its significant drop.

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