The perfect garden plants for a wet and rainy climate

The perfect garden plants for a wet and rainy climate
Every good gardener knows that trees, flowers and plants need to be chosen with the local climate in mind. In climates that are characterised by a lot of precipitation, or in gardens that are prone to being waterlogged, such as those on stream banks or gardens in low-lying areas, specific vegetation needs to be chosen that will survive and thrive in wet environments.

Wet areas in a garden can be caused by a variety of factors. Some of these include septic runoff, water waste collecting in one area from the main home, excess water from naturally occurring springs, water from neighbouring properties that drains into your garden, or depressions and low-lying areas that cause excess water to collect. These factors can all result in waterlogged or excessively wet areas in your garden. Although these wet areas are not necessarily linked to climatic conditions, they also require that specific plants be chosen to survive in damp environments.

A wet climate, or wet areas in your garden, can be problematic because such conditions often make it difficult to grow plants. Wet weather attracts pests like mosquitos and other parasites that can destroy growing plants. Other problems associated with wet climates or areas of the garden include a higher likelihood of pollution collecting in boggy areas of the garden, as well as the dangers associated with stagnant water, which normally has high levels of bacteria and can be a health hazard to children and pets.

Some plants that can flourish in wet climates or areas of the garden include the Lotus Flower, the Water Lily, and Witch Hazel. Lotus Flowers can be pink, blue or white and are aquatic plants, which means that the seeds need to be submerged in water to germinate. If you do not have a pond to grow your Lotus Flower seeds in, you can submerge them in a jar of water and plant them in soil once they begin to sprout.

The Water Lily is also perfect for rainy conditions and is indigenous to tropical climates. Water Lilies thrive in wet, humid climates and are therefore best suited to areas that are warm. Finally, Witch Hazel, which is actually a small tree, can prosper in environments that are very waterlogged. Witch Hazel blooms purple and yellow flowers and will need watering during periods where there is a lack of rain.

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