How to attract birds to your garden

How to attract birds to your garden
Having birds in your garden is a major advantage for garden health and beauty. Birds play a vital role in spreading seeds, removing pests, fertilising soil and adding natural beauty to your garden. For birding enthusiasts, a garden full of birds is a wonderful opportunity to enjoy their calls and tweets, as well as to view their beautiful plumage and interesting behaviour. Follow these easy steps to make your garden more bird-friendly to attract all kinds of bird species to your home:

In order to attract birds to your garden, make sure you make it habitable for them all year round and not just during certain seasons. 

Set up a few bird feeders around your garden against the sturdiest and largest trees. Supply the feeders with regularly changed seeds from a reliable source that can attest to producing the seeds without the use of chemicals or pesticides. Different seed types will attract different types of birds, so use a variety of bird feeders with different seed-types in each one. 

Nesting boxes are another way to ensure birds choose your garden as their home. Nesting boxes come in the form of hollowed logs, enclosed platforms or securely suspended wooden squares with a small entrance for the nesting bird. 

Providing water for garden birds to preen and cool themselves off in is a good way to add some life and activity to your garden and can provide the perfect opportunity for bird watchers to spot a variety of species in action. Place a birdbath in a quieter part of the garden away from the main home and near surrounding vegetation to ensure the birds feel safe enough to use it. Do not place the birdbath directly underneath overhanging branches in order to minimise the number of droppings contaminating the water. Keep the bath replenished with fresh, clean water to encourage birds to visit it and ensure it is stable and can not topple over.

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