Cold Room Storage

Cold Room Storage

Cold room storage: keeping your goods fresh

Cold rooms are an innovative option for cold storage in the home. They can be described as large, walk-in refrigerators and can be used in domestic spaces and for larger-scale organisations like restaurants, hotels, supermarkets and long-term storage warehouses. Cold rooms combine the advantages of having temperature controlled spaces in which to keep produce fresh, and having large storage spaces in which to do so.  

Cold rooms are useful for homeowners who need to store large amounts of perishable foodstuffs at home, and for those who have extensive collections of products, such as wine, that need spacious and temperature-controlled environments. Cold room storage is also useful for homeowners who run small businesses from home. For example, cheese-makers or specialty bakers would benefit from the extra space of cold room storage at home instead of trying to fit their produce into the family fridge.

A combination of freezing options are available to those who are thinking of installing a cold room. A fridge-temperature cold room can incorporate a freezer section for homeowners who wish to keep some of their stock fresh and cool for medium-term storage, and some of their stock completely frozen below five degrees Celsius for long term storage. Appropriate kitchen furniture, such as stainless steel tables or shelving, can also be fitted into one’s cold room if one needs a cool space to handle fresh produce like dairy or plant products.

If one wishes to have a cold room that can be easily transported between work and home, a mobile cold room fitted to a trailer is an option. Mobile cold rooms are a brilliant solution for homeowners with small, fresh-food businesses who need to move their products from place to place. The average mobile cold room can also transport up to 1500kgs of stock and its’ temperatures can be customized within the range of five to 20 degrees Celsius.