Why do you need building insulation?

Why do you need building insulation?
Building insulation is a construction implement common to every home, but have you ever asked yourself why your home needs it and how it can benefit you?

Having decent building insulation maximises your home’s eco status. Insulation helps homeowners conserve energy through temperature control and by limiting energy wastage. In addition to this, insulation saves homeowner’s a lot of money they would have otherwise spent on running heaters, or air conditions, inside their homes. 

If you are considering improving your home’s energy efficiency with implements like solar panels, make sure your home has quality building insulation first, as this is a primary means of keeping your home warm in colder winter seasons, and cool in hot summer seasons. Without proper insulation, any energy systems in the home will not be fully effective.

The walls, roof, floors, doors and windows of a home can be insulated, although there is usually a special emphasis on insulating the walls of the home as this is where the most energy is likely to be lost.

Insulation is available in a range of materials, but all are designed to trap pockets of air escaping the house in order to stabilise internal temperatures. Wall insulation can be internal, in which case it is inserted inside the wall itself. In the case of solid walls, insulation can be placed externally along the entire exterior of the home. In addition to these methods, fabric curtains, such as cotton or hemp, are a common type of insulation along walls. 

Window and door insulation are usually achieved by triple glazing, which means that glass areas of the door or window are made up of three panels of glass instead of one. Floor insulation can be achieved by simply placing rugs and carpets over one’s flooring. Finally, in roof insulation, foam or sealant can be used to fill any gaps where warm air could escape.