Evaporative Air Conditioning

Evaporative Air Conditioning
Evaporative cooling units are available in a variety of sizes and models today, Evaporative cooling is the sensation of getting out of the pool on a hot day and the wind hitting your skin, it is a light and enjoyable sensation and is recreated with this machine.

What are Evaporative cooling units

Evaporative cooling units recreate this naturally occurring process and provide a constant flow of cool, refreshing air. They used to be criticised for releasing too much moisture into the air, in todays generation of coolers this does not occur as much anymore. They now produce the max amount of cool air for minimal moisture release. This system of cooling is more enviromentally beneficial than normal cooling systems  Evaporative cooling, however, is based on a totally natural process of air cooled by water Evaporative cooling is one of the healthiest ways to cool because it replaces stale air with clean, fresh air many times an hour. 

In addition to typically lower costs for purchase, and requiring lower or no installation costs, evaporative cooling is, in most cases, also cheaper to operate than refrigerated cooling, When looking at both types of aircon there are a few differences that could be positive or negative. Evaporative airconditioning work best when a small amount of outside air circulates into the space where the evaporative cooler is placed. When you look at central airconditioners they work by taking humidity out of the air. These systems produce cold, dry air and work best in an airtight environment. This can cause a dry throat and itchy skin for some people. 

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