Garages: keep your vehicle safe at home

A garage is a fully enclosed unit with walls, a roof and a garage door that is appropriately sized to fit one or more vehicles. Garages can either be constructed as extensions of the home or can be built as an entirely separate unit.

Garages: keep your vehicle safe at home

The benefits of constructing a garage to house your vehicle or vehicles are numerous. One of the most obvious advantages is security. Garages can be fitted with alarms, locks and beams to ensure that what you have stored there remains safe. As they are fully enclosed, they also allow a measure of privacy and prevent potential intruders or thieves from seeing any of your personal items.  

When it comes to protection from the elements, garages also offer a complete shelter. Any rain, powerful sunlight, humidity or hail will be prevented from damaging your car and anything else you wish to store in your garage. 

Garages also offer more than simply car storage. They can be used to hold a variety of household and gardening items that homeowners may not want to clutter their main houses with. For example, items such as cleaning supplies, decorations for seasonal holidays like Christmas, garden tools like lawnmowers and extra freezers for long-term food storage, can all be housed in a garage. Garages can also be converted to be an additional living space should the need arise.

Garages are a good way to house your vehicle or vehicles, without creating an eyesore. This is because the design of your garage can be easily integrated into the home. Your garage can be painted to suit the colour of the main house, the roofing of the garage can be built to match surrounding structures, and the colour of the garage door can be chosen to reflect the general colour scheme of your home.