Garage Door Repairs

It can become a huge problem when your garage door stops working, there are many small things that can go wrong but can be easily fixed if you know what you are looking for. A bad connection or a faulty transmitter these can all be repaired with a little guidance.

When the garage door does not move at all no matter if the remote is pressed or the wall switch is used then it is due to a disruption from the power source. There are different areas to check if you want to try fix the problem, check if the motor unit has been unplugged, Check the outlet where the door opening is plugged in and make sure the cord is plugged in all the way. It's also possible that the circuit breaker, fuse, or GFCI controlling the door opener circuit has tripped or burned out. 

Very often our remote will not open our garage, this could be due to many reasons, move closer to the door. It's possible you are out of range of the antenna inside the garage, Make sure that the antenna on the motor unit is hanging downward and is not damaged in any way. If the wall switch is working fine and the remote still does not work it may be that the batteries are dead or the keypad needs to be fixed. If your garage fails to close completely The close-limit switch may need adjusting. Your garage door has set-limit switches that instruct the motor when to stop running.