Contemporary furniture styles through the ages

Contemporary furniture styles through the ages
Contemporary furniture has a long history of development and has evolved from the start of the 20th century to give homeowners over two centuries of design to choose from. If you are interested in investing in contemporary style furniture, it is important to familiarise yourself with what exactly ‘contemporary’ entails. Check out this list of landmark contemporary developments to guide your home design and find the era that works for you:

Contemporary Furniture Design

The Shaker style appeared in the 1830s and was characterised by a minimalistic and plain aesthetic. Furniture of the Shaker style was reduced to the bare essentials and was constructed from natural materials with a strong focus on practical use over ornate design.

The Gothic Revival style, which materialised in 1851, celebrated nature in the design of furniture above all else. Gothic Revival style furniture was crafted from natural materials only and was handmade without any reliance on machines. A popular style from the Gothic Revival style is the arched-top chair.

The Adirondack style became popular in the 1890s and is still common today. This style of contemporary furniture is authentic and country-style in nature and often features bark-covered wood or rustic planks.

The Art Deco style became popular in 1918 and featured a focus on fashion with a lot of colour, ornamentation, pattern, and motif designs. Art Deco is still popular today as a quirky and creative furniture trend.

The Bauhaus style from 1919 aimed to mix inspiration from technology and art. Unusual implements were used in Bauhaus furniture, such as metal tubing or glass, and there was an emphasis on machine-made and efficient-looking furniture.

The current expression of contemporary furniture combines influences from a long history of design evolution. Inspiration from technology and art, as well as the natural world, are still important and has left homeowners with a variety of creative options to choose from.