Lighting Materials and Supplies

Lighting Materials and Supplies
Sometimes all a house needs is a little more light, during the winter it starts to get dark early. Installing new kinds of Light fixtures into your house could brighten up those early nights and make life at home a little more easy. It does not require too many tools or too much money.

The first thing to do when you start any electrical job is to turn off all the switches on the switch board. This is for your safety as you will need to touch wires that would be live if not, double check this by flipping the switches in the room you are working. Take your new light fixture, this will incude

  • the screws 
  • brackets needed,
  • wire nuts.

The tools you will need are

  • a wire stripper,
  • a basic utility knife,
  • screwdriver or powerdrill.

Now that you have everything together , grab your light fixture and read any of the necessary instructions for your choice of light fixture

There should be two wires on your new fixture, this is the white wire (neutral) and the black wire (hot). Seperate the two wires and then using the wire cutters gently expose the bare wire, this should about 2-3cm exposed. You are then ready to connect the wires from your current fixture to the wires in the roof,  there will be a white and black wire in the celing aswell, these should be connected accordingly and the third copper wire is the earth wire. Twist the wires into each other, then use the pliers to make sure they are firmly connected, you may need help holding the fixture up when connecting the wires. Tuck all the wires into the celing box then attach your fixture as per the inxtructions.

For more information or if you would like a proffesionals help, contact one in your area on our page.