Chandeliers in the Modern Home.


There are very few elements of design that have managed to hold their own through centuries. One of these elements, however, is the chandelier. The chandelier has evolved as design has progressed, but has still remained close to its roots and kept its original sense of class and glamour. Home-owners today are spoiled for choice when it comes to incorporating this statement addition into their home.


A chandelier is in no way old fashioned or kitsch. Home design has taken a large step away from any strict codes and rules, which allows home owners to incorporate chandeliers in very modern spaces, creating a unique and eclectic home.


Why a Chandelier?


Despite the grandeur and intricacy of a chandelier, its main function is light. The light that a chandelier provides is a light that is sought after when one is after a particular atmosphere or mood. The natural height placement of chandeliers immediately guides the eye upwards, creating the illusion that the room is spacious and open. A chandelier can be created to be a focal point without being overbearing in the space. The light given off from a chandelier is particularly important. The use of crystals, lamp shades, colour and design allow the light to travel across the room in a way that is entirely unique. If you, as a homeowner, are looking for a way to create a room that is full of movement and far from static, then a chandelier might just be the answer.


So, you want a chandelier. Now what? Choosing the right one, for the right room! Remove the idea that chandeliers are limited to entrance halls and dining rooms – modern design ensures that chandeliers can be incorporated almost anywhere.


Light and airy. Without the chandelier- and make one sink side a vanity and have two sinks on one counter:


Most of us spend a ridiculous (but necessary) time in our bathrooms. So why not make it as beautiful as possible?  Bathrooms are a delicate space, so would require a gentle and intricate chandelier to tie the room together. Anything too big and gregarious would perhaps be overwhelming. A chandilier in the bathroom allows for the space to be well lit and open.








Love this Dining Room Decor:


Although the idea of chandeliers in the dining room is evolving, it still remains a classic and timeless element.


Many people make the mistake of placing chandeliers in their dining room too high, and incorrectly measure just how big the piece should be. Avoid making these errors by contacting a specialist, to ensure that your beautiful investment doesn’t become an unsightly piece.








 look at the beautiful reclaimed wood ceiling. Love the fixture, the rug, the mirror, the bedding....The Tour of the House That Photographed Itself:

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