How to keep your cables neat and untangled

How to keep your cables neat and untangled
A nest of messy, tangled cables behind one’s TV or sound equipment, or even next to one’s bed, can be an impractical and unsightly problem leading to impossible knots and even damage to one’s electronics. Here are some tips to get your cables organised, neat and easy to manage:

Cabling and Keep it neat and tidy

1. Make your plugs easy to identify with labels. Avoid spending ages bent over an unreadable mess of cables when trying to find the right cord or plug by putting small labels on each cable. Identification labels with small pictures can be bought, but stickers with handwritten labels, or even colour-coded circles, can do the job just as well.

2. Excessively long cables can be shortened with homemade cable-shorteners. Solve the problem of long cords or wires, which tend to knot easily with the cables around them, by repurposing any cylindrical object, such as a used up thread spool, and tightly wrap the extra cord around this instead of leaving it to tangle with surrounding objects.

3. To make the area under your desk, which is often cluttered by cell phone chargers, laptop cables, hair dryer cords and more, store all cables in a wire basket. A cordless workspace is much less stress-inducing and looks neater and cleaner, all of which is conducive to increased productivity.

4. Finally, consider combining neat storage with accessibility when it comes to managing your electronics cables. Some ideas for how to do this is to mount your cables and cords to a pegboard with the use of cable ties or wires to suspend them. This pegboard can be suspended vertically under your desk, leaving you more foot room and instant access to the exact cable you want. Hiding cables with foam pipe insulation is another clever way to get the mess out of sight. Cut the foam pipe to the correct size you need, slice it down its vertical length, place all your cables inside, and pull the ends you need access to through the slit.